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At Wexford Health our philosophy is that health care should not be considered a luxury for anyone.  We simply care for those in need and the corrections environment is our venue.

Wexford Health has an exceptional opportunity for a Post-Doctoral Psychologist Intern to join our team of healthcare professionals at Joliet Treatment Center in Joliet, IL.


Post-Doctoral Psychologist Intern is a training position within the Mental Health Departments at Dixon, Logan, and Pontiac Correctional Centers, as well as Joliet Treatment Center. The incumbent will provide a variety of mental health services under the direction of the Site Mental Health Services Director and other Licensed Clinical Psychologists. The primary purpose of this training experience is to adequately prepare the incumbent for eventual full-time employment as a Clinical Psychologist. Ultimate oversight responsibility for the incumbent and his/her training position resides with the Regional Mental Health Training Director.


  1. Conducts psychological screening, assessment and/or evaluations of patients referred for examination and/or treatment following IDOC format and guidelines.
  2. Prepares and updates treatment plans on patients requiring mental health treatment.
  3. Participates in interdisciplinary treatment team meetings within Residential Treatment Units.
  4. Serves as a member of the Center Crisis Intervention Team. This may include:
    1. Providing assessments and brief therapy to patients identified as experiencing a psychological/emotional crisis.
    2. Maintaining required crisis intervention documentation and monitoring all delivery of service to patients on crisis status.
  5. Provides consultation to center staff and administration on the treatment of specific patients.

  6. Completes comprehensive psychosocial histories on selected patients.

  7. Provides individual and group therapy for patients identified through evaluation or referred by other MH personnel.

  8. Administers, scores, and interprets objective and projective psychological testing in appropriate cases.

  9. Conducts discharge planning for seriously mentally ill patients returning to the community.

  10. Conducts weekly rounds in Restrictive Housing Units.

  11. Responds to patients requests for mental health services as well as referrals from staff who believe that an patients requires mental health assistance.

  12. Facilitates Community Meetings and psychoeducational groups within the Modified Therapeutic Community program.

  13. Provides documentation in accordance with IDOC policies and procedures.

  14. Conducts Suicide Risk Assessments in accordance with IDOC Administrative Directives.

  15. Participates in pre-service and in-service training programs.

  16. Works closely with consulting psychiatrists to ensure patients requiring evaluation for medication or re-evaluation of current medications are seen by the psychiatric provider in a timely manner, and informs said provider re: any information pertinent to the patient’s clinical condition.

  17. Participates in weekly clinical supervision meetings with a Clinical Psychologist assigned by the site Mental Health Services Director.

  18. Participates in the monthly administrative supervision meetings with the Regional Mental Health Training Director.

  19. Provides mental health services in compliance with all Administrative Directives.

  20. Adheres to universal precautions and other appropriate infection control practices.

  21. Maintains open lines of communication via attendance at staff meetings and/or use of other appropriate communication methods.

  22. Adheres to safety and security policies and participates in disaster drills.

  23. Follows security regulation policies and participates in disaster drills.

  24. Receives direction from IDOC personnel as appropriate, including but not limited to, Wardens and Psychology Administrators.

  25. Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above and within the scope of his/her clinical training and/or licensure/certification.

The duties and responsibilities outlined herein are for payroll purposes only; employees may be assigned other duties as required.


Standard medical setting within a correctional facility, which includes daily interfacing with offenders/patients, correctional staff, and health care personnel.  Temperature extremes may be encountered while moving throughout the facility outdoors and indoors in buildings without air conditioning.

Job Requirements:


TRAVEL: Quarterly Mental Health meetings in Springfield, IL. Periodic visits to selected correctional facilities.

LICENSING: Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor preferred, but not required.

CERTIFICATION: Current CPR certification.

EDUCATION: Ph.D. or Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology


  • Inpatient or outpatient Mental Health treatment and assessment.



IL, Joliet
joliet, illinois
Joliet, Illinois
illinois joliet,
Illinois Joliet
joliet illinois
joliet illinois
joliet, illinois

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