Behavioral Health Technician

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POSITION: Behavioral Health Technician 


FACILITY: Sheridan Correctional Center

LOCATION: Sheridan, IL


Wexford Health Sources, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading innovative correctional health care companies.  At Wexford Health Sources, Inc., our philosophy is that health care should not be considered a luxury for anyone. We simply care for those in need and the corrections environment is our venue.



The Behavioral Health Technician is a part of the multi-disciplinary treatment team and works directly with mentally ill or intellectually and developmentally disabled inmates providing therapeutic services within mental health programs and units. The Behavioral Health Technician plans and conducts a variety of specifically assigned therapeutic client activities and provides supervision and leadership of activities appropriate to the program involved. Activities are correlated with client needs, are based on treatment plans and are designed to help achieve self-adjustment and clinical stabilization.


  1. Plans and conducts a variety of specifically assigned client activities appropriate to the designated program.

  2. Provides leadership for one or more groups of clients in one phase of the total therapeutic activities program.

  3. Evaluates clients’ capabilities and prepares recommendations on placement of clients in activity programs.

  4. Assists in maintaining administrative and clinical records.

  5. Requests supplies and equipment needed for assigned activities.

  6. Provides individual instruction for clients as required.

  7. Performs all duties and activities per the Behavioral Health Policies and Procedures and IDOC Administrative Directives.

  8. Performs related work as required.

    The duties and responsibilities outlined herein are for payroll purposes only; employees may be assigned other duties as required.


    Standard medical setting in a correctional facility, which includes daily interfacing with inmates, correctional staff, and health care personnel.  Temperature extremes may be encountered while moving throughout the facility outdoors and indoors in buildings without air conditioning.

Minimum Requirements:

The following requirements list the minimum to qualify.  An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted.

TRAVEL: Minimal

LICENSING: None required

CERTIFICATION: Current CPR certification

EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Social Work or related field.

EDUCATION: Knowledge of the principles and practices of therapeutic activity programs; have ability to plan, organize, direct, and participate in recreation/leisure activities; and have ability to prepare, set-up and maintain equipment related to therapeutic activities.






IL, Sheridan
sheridan, illinois
Sheridan, Illinois
illinois sheridan,
Illinois Sheridan
sheridan illinois
sheridan illinois
sheridan, illinois

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