Medication Room Assistant

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Wexford Health

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POSITION:  Medication Room Assistant PRN
FACILITY: Centralia Correctional Center
LOCATION: Centralia, Illinois



Under the direct supervision of the designated Wexford Health manager and clinical supervision from the Director of Nursing, Medical Director and/or IDOC personnel as appropriate, the Medication Room Assistant (MRA) is responsible for organizing the medication storage and distribution areas and assists in the procurement of ordered medications from an off-site pharmacy as well as assisting in the return of unused medications.


  1. Assists with the organization and maintenance of medication room records.
  2. Assists with the maintenance of medication room inventory and audit procedures.
  3. Maintains the security of all medications and supplies under their control or supervision.
  4. Processes supply requests in a prompt, cooperative and efficient manner.
  5. Confirms ordered medications are received.
  6. Logs outgoing medications.
  7. Assists with the delivery of medications as determined by site administration.
  8. Fax/scan patient prescriptions to the offsite pharmacy in a timely manner per Unit policy/process.
  9. Communicates with offsite Pharmacy staff as needed to confirm prescriptions/orders are received by them and legible to ensure timely delivery of all ordered medications.
  10. Refers medication orders/prescriptions needing clarification to a nurse, physician or P.A.
  11. Performs medication expiration checks of all medications in the Unit as per policy/procedure.
  12. Reports delays, discrepancies or any and all concerns immediately to the appropriate supervisor.
  13. Maintains an orderly, clean and organized medication area at all times.
  14. Maintains confidentiality of all patient records.
  15. Complies with applicable Administrative/Institutional Directives related to Medication storage.
  16. Attends Unit Meetings as directed.
  17. Gathers and collates medication room data for submission at CQI meetings.
  18. Participates in appropriate Quality Assurance studies and meetings as requested or directed.
  19. Approaches change in a positive manner.
  20. Makes suggestions for improving work conditions to the appropriate Supervisor.
  21. Accepts constructive criticism in stressful situations.

Upon receiving the necessary training and/or instruction, perform other duties as required or assigned.


  • Standard medical setting within a correctional facility, which includes daily interfacing with offenders/patients, correctional staff, and health care personnel. 
  • Temperature extremes may be encountered while moving throughout the facility outdoors and indoors in buildings without air conditioning.
  • Possible exposure to toxic substances, ionizing radiation, and medicinal preparations.
  • Possible exposure to communicable diseases and body fluids.

Minimum Requirements:

TRAVEL: Minimal travel required.

LICENSING: None required.

CERTIFICATION: Current CPR certification.

EDUCATION: High School Diploma or equivalent.


  • One (1) year correctional health care or hospital pharmacy experience preferred.
  • History of being well organized, communicating effectively and detail-oriented. 





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