Medical Assistant

Sutton, West Virginia   |     Regular Part Time    |     Job ID:15429


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POSITION: Certified Medical Assistant

SCHEDULE: Full-Time / 16 hours per week 

FACILITY: Central Regional Jail


Wexford Health Sources, Inc. is a member of the Wexford family: a group of the nation’s leading innovative correctional health care companies.  At Wexford Health Sources, Inc., our philosophy is that health care should not be considered a luxury for anyone. We simply care for those in need and the corrections environment is our venue.


  • Perform physical assessments and examinations, including obtaining medical history and vital signs during medical encounters, and document findings in the medical record according to physician orders and EMT protocols.
  • Provide screening and triage, according to written protocols, for routine sick call and emergencies with referral to professional staff for situations beyond the scope of their protocols.
  • Administer or prescribe over-the-counter medications upon receipt of in-service training and special certification by the Medical Director or physician designee and the institutional pharmacist.
  • Initiate intravenous infusing during a medical emergency.
  • Adheres to Universal Precautions and other appropriate infection control practices.
  • Assist with admission and discharge of infirmary care patients and prepare patients for minor surgery.


The following requirements list the minimum to qualify.  An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted.


  • Current EMT or Paramedic certification
  • Current CPR certification

PREFERRED EXPERIENCE: Two (2) years providing health support services



WV, Sutton
sutton, west virginia
Sutton, West virginia
west virginia sutton,
West virginia Sutton
sutton west virginia
sutton west virginia
sutton, west virginia
West Virginia

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