Radiology Technician

Danville, Illinois   |     Regular Part Time    |     Job ID:16112


Wexford Health

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POSITION:  Radiology Technician

SCHEDULE: Part-time/ 9:30am-3:30pm/ Works T/TH

FACILITY: Danville Correctional Center

LOCATION: Danville, IL

Wexford Health Sources, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading innovative correctional health care companies.  At Wexford Health our philosophy is that health care should not be considered a luxury for anyone.  We simply care for those in need and the corrections environment is our venue.


Supervise Radiology Services at the facility. Under the limited supervision of a designated Wexford Health manager or IDOC Personnel as appropriate, performs technical work in conducting and processing radiographics ordered by the physicians with the capabilities of the correctional institution. Utilizes electronic medical record system as applicable throughout the scope of duties and responsibilities.


  1. Performs routine and non-involved radiographic examinations.
  2. Schedule residents for x-rays ordered by physician, including outside services when required.
  3. Schedule new hires and present staff for exams as ordered by physician.
  4. Assist staff in proper utilization of dental x-ray unit.
  5. Develops and update department policies and procedures.
  6. Coordinates all schedules with other activities to promote efficient service.
  7. Checks and maintains equipment in a clean, proper and safe working order.
  8. Reports any malfunctions, taking appropriate safety steps (schedule outside maintenance services if requested).
  9. Participates in periodic in-service education programs and outside education opportunities, including keeping State DNS license current and on file in the Health Care Unit.
  10. Participates in committees when requested.
  11. Maintains a proper dress code and comply with administrative rules.
  12. Ensures proper positioning of patient, adjusting the radiographic equipment for prescribed film appearance; select and adjust immobilization devices and other accessories; select proper size film and place proper film identification markers on the film; take the required number of views for each specific examination; use collimation devices properly to expose only the necessary parts to be examined to reduce radiation exposure and minimize film fog.
  13. Maintains a working knowledge of radiation and electrical hazards to prevent exposure of patient and staff; use lead shields when appropriate; use calipers and determine proper x-ray voltage, adjust the controls on the control panel to the proper settings (post a techniques chart in the control room, and use as a guideline).
  14. Prepares and maintain x-ray development chemicals in accordance with prescribed standards.
  15. Performs darkroom maintenance, which consists of cleaning, film handling and processing areas, noting equipment not functioning properly and reporting needed repairs.
  16. Maintains an adequate supply of chemicals and film at all times within their dated limitations. Keep film bin locked when not in use to prevent inadvertent exposure of film to light.
  17. Properly identifies each film with the patient’s name, using the film identification flasher and card.
  18. Maintains an accurate file of all patients and examinations performed, listing in a daily log.
  19. Maintains files and identification flash cards to be used in retrieval of old films when a patient is returned to the Health Care Unit.
  20. Prepares film for review by Staff Physician. Arrange transportation of films for reading by a radiologist, and channel incoming diagnostic reports to the proper files.
  21. Administers contrast materials to patient when required.
  22. Assists Medical Director and Staff Physicians in performing duties as required.
  23. Completes required reports, requisition of supplies, and replacement parts or schedule routine services in a timely manner.
  24. Assists staff in proper utilization of dental x-ray unit.
  25. Conforms to Wexford Health Sources, Inc., and facility regulations as appropriate, to include, but not be limited to: dress code, schedule/time sheet/time clock, safety and security regulations, and procedure for sick leave/vacation time/education seminars.
  26. Maintains the confidentiality of inmate records.
  27. Approaches change in a positive manner.
  28. Makes suggestions for improving work conditions to the Medical Director and Health Care Unit Administrator.
  29. Accepts constructive criticism in stressful situations.
  30. Upon receiving the necessary training and/or instruction, perform other duties as required or assigned.

The duties and responsibilities outlined herein are for payroll purposes only; employees may be assigned other duties as required.


Standard medical setting within a correctional facility, which includes daily interfacing with offenders/patients, correctional staff, and health care personnel.  Temperature extremes may be encountered while moving throughout the facility outdoors and indoors in buildings without air conditioning.

Minimum Requirements:


TRAVEL: Minimal travel


  • Certification by the American Registry of Radiologist Technologists.
  • Registered as Radiological Technician within the state of Illinois (IEMA).

CERTIFICATION: Current CPR certification.

EDUCATION: Graduate of an accredited school of Radiology Technology.


  • Two-years’ experience as an x-ray technician.
  • Prior experience with use of electronic medical record system.




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