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Wexford Health

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POSITION:            Staff Physician
SCHEDULE:         Full-Time
FACILITY:             Stateville 
LOCATION:         Crest Hill, IL
A Job Should be MORE than just a paycheck.
Wexford Health Sources, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest correctional health care providers.  Over the past 30 years, our team of dedicated clinical professionals has helped literally millions of justice-involved patients receive life-changing medical and mental health services.
The majority of our patients come from marginalized or impoverished backgrounds.  In many cases, our doctors, nurses, and behavioral health professionals represent the patient’s first experience with quality, compassionate health care.
We heal and rehabilitate thousands of incarcerated patients every day.
When you join Wexford Health, you do more than just further your career.
You also become part of a team-a family-whose mission is to care for patients that cannot care for themselves.
You change lives.
You make a difference.
If you are looking for a position that empowers you to do MORE… then look at Wexford Health.


We’re proud to offer our providers an extremely competitive benefits package including:

  • Company-paid medical malpractice insurance
  • Company-paid CME allowance with paid time off to attend
  • Annual review with performance increase
  • Paid-time off program that combines vacation and sick leave
  • Paid holidays
  • Comprehensive health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Dental and Vision insurance
  • 401(k) retirement saving plans
  • Company-paid short-term disability
  • Healthcare and dependent care spending account


Under administrative and clinical supervision of the facility Medical Director, the physician practices medicine at specified Wexford medical practice site(s) promoting and providing high-quality medical care.  He/she practices in a manner consistent with their clinical privileges as identified and approved during the Credentials process.   Works collegially and cooperatively with the site medical director, other physicians, physician extenders (e.g., physician assistants, nurse practitioners, etc.), dentists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and any other medical professionals working within the medical facilities at their site.  Actively participates in discussions regarding the resolution of problems related to quality of care, patient safety issues and patient complaints/grievances arising at their site.  Responsible for maintaining utilization management and clinical practice standards through the application of the organization’s clinical criteria.  Participates in the development of medical/clinical policies and case consultation to clinical staff when asked.  Maintains the highest level of medical quality and service at their Wexford site and represents organization clinical philosophy to patients, providers, facility personnel, and the community.


The Site Physician practices medicine in order to promote the highest quality in medical care and services.  They are responsible for reviewing and understanding all health care provided by Wexford Health Sources and delivered at their site. 
The Wexford Site Physician will participate in clinical program development, quality management, utilization management and staff education in a manner consistent with the corporate objectives and philosophy of Wexford Health Sources.  They are responsible for helping to maintain the highest level of medical quality and service at their site.


  1. Works closely with and maintains good relationships with the Site Medical Director, the Regional Manager, the site Health Care Administrator and the state and county medical authority.
  2. Effectively communicates with the Site Medical Director and site clinical and administrative staff.
  3. Keeps the Site Medical Director informed of issues in a timely manner, including the submission of requested reports.
  4. Actively participates in Wexford Health site meetings/committees when requested.
  5. Actively promotes medical quality and patient/inmate safety.
  6. Participates in the interviewing of qualified medical and clinical staff as requested.
  7. Helps in the development of subordinate staff including: maintaining consistent communication with staff, and meeting clinical education needs of the staff.
  8. Implements and administers Wexford Health, state, and county policies and procedures consistently.  Ensures site compliance with all policies/procedures and recommends updates as necessary to meet local, legal, and accreditation requirements.
  9. Maintain the confidentiality of inmate records.
  10. Approach change in a positive manner.
  11. Make suggestions for improving work conditions to the Medical Director, Regional Administrator and Healthcare Unit Administrator.
  12. Accept constructive criticism in stressful situations.
  13. Assists in the orientation of new employees as requested or assigned.
  14. Accepts other duties as assigned by the Site Medical Director and Regional Medical Director.
  15. Upon receiving the necessary training and/or instruction, perform other duties as required or assigned.
  16. Conforms to Wexford Health Sources, Inc., and facility regulations as appropriate, to include, but not be limited to:
  • Dress code
  • Schedule/time sheet/time clock
  • Safety and security regulations
  • Procedure for sick leave/vacation time/education seminars

Clinical Programs:

  1. Actively participates in the evaluation and monitoring of chronic illness programs.
  2. Ensures that the operation of the on-site infirmary at their site is in compliance with national standards (ACA and NCCHC) and that the scope of care provided is appropriate for the staffing and resources available. 
  3. Ensures that established sick call processes ensure patient access to medically necessary services.
  4. Ensures that established suicide prevention programs are implemented to identify, refer, and treat patients who are at risk for suicide.
  5. Participates in the development of proposed priorities for services and programs.
  6. Participates in discussions regarding the need for new chronic care programs, new medical equipment and selection of general medical supplies.
  7. Assists in the review of corporate, regional, state, and site-specific medical practices.  Ensures consistency with Wexford Health Sources’ overriding objective to promote high-quality medical care.
  8. Participates in a call rotation, as requested, for their site which ensures 24/7/365 physician coverage and consultation for the clinical and security staff.
  9. Returns pages and calls promptly and in a time efficient manner respecting the emergent and urgent needs of the facility.

Quality Management:

  1. Actively participates in Wexford Health/Facility Quality Management Committees as requested.
  2. Participates in reviews applicable federal, state and local laws, and standards of conduct, as well as other policies and procedures from national accreditation standards (e.g., ACA, NCCHC, etc.) in order to ensure adherence in a manner that reflects honest, ethical, and professional behavior.
  3. Actively participates in peer review activities as requested and in compliance with Wexford policies and procedures.
  4. Actively participates in mortality and sentinel event reviews for the site and/or region and when requested by the Regional or Site Medical Director.
  5. Ensures that their site(s) maintains an effective infection control program that includes the prevention, identification, reporting, and control of communicable diseases in accordance with Wexford infection control policies and procedures.
  6. Actively participates in site, region, and corporate-wide efforts to ensure compliance with national ACA and NCCHC standards necessary for accreditation efforts.
  7. Participates in and actively supports all efforts at their site(s) towards the implementation and maintenance of electronic medical records, telemedicine, or administrative technology enhancements.

Utilization Management:

  1. Actively participates in all Utilization Management (UM) efforts at their site. 
  2. Works closely with the Corporate UM Medical Director when requested.
  3. Participates in collegial reviews for all off-site referrals regarding all patients from their site when requested by the Site Medical Director.
  4. Facilitates communication with all outside providers of care for their patients (e.g. inpatient attendings, specialists seeing referred patients, etc.)
  5. Actively participates in pharmacy collegial reviews, ER retrospective reviews, and laboratory and radiology utilization review for their site as requested.
  6. Participates in the review and evaluation of all off-site utilization for their site in order to ensure its cost effectiveness and clinical quality.
  7. Helps to identify and implement cost reduction strategies.
  8. Responsible for maintaining appropriate collegial/professional relationships within their referral region with specialists, hospitalists, ancillary providers, transport providers, community and tertiary hospitals, and all other support groups that may be called upon to provide health care services for their patient population.
  9. Responsible for helping to identify (in conjunction with the Site Medical Director) appropriate, qualified specialists, hospitalists, ancillary providers, transport providers, and other support groups necessary to provide high-quality, cost-effective care to their site’s patient population.


Licensing: Must have a current state IL license

Certification: Current CPR certification


  • Must be a graduate of medical school
  • Board eligible or certified in Internal, Family or Emergency Medicine

Preferred experience:

  • Five (5) years of clinical experience preferred






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