Registered Nurse

Parkersburg, West Virginia   |     As Needed    |     Job ID:366


Wexford Health

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POSITION: Registered Nurse

SCHEDULE: PRN HOURS – Day / Evenings / Nights

FACILITY: Parkersburg Correctional Center

LOCATION: Parkersburg, WV

Shift Differentials PLUS PRN Differential available!

Wexford Health Sources, one of the nation’s leading innovative correctional health care companies, provides clients with experienced management and technologically advanced services, combined with programs that control costs while ensuring quality.  For nearly two decades, Wexford Health has consistently delivered proven staffing expertise and a full range of medical, behavioral health, pharmacy, utilization management, provider contracting, claims processing, and quality management services.

At Wexford Health our philosophy is that health care should not be considered a luxury for anyone.  We simply care for those in need and the corrections environment is our venue.


A professional nurse registered in the state of assignment responsible for delivery of patient care through the nursing process of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.  Also directs and guides patient teaching activities and ancillary personnel, while maintaining standards of professional nursing.


  1. Assesses physical, psychological and psychosocial dimensions of patients within the Health Care Unit and, as necessary, in the housing units.
  2. Applies knowledge of illnesses, injuries and diseases using available resources in obtaining a health history, and in the assessment process.
  3. Provides a written assessment of patient on admission, during confinement and on discharge as requested.
  4. Summarizes assessment data, and makes a triage decision which is documented and communicated to other patient care providers.
  5. Plans an individual treatment program.
  6. Utilizes available treatment protocols as written by the Medical Director.
  7. Utilizes referral process to appropriate health care providers as necessary.
  8. Applies knowledge and utilizes available resources in planning care and patient teaching.
  9. Consults as necessary with other nurses, physician assistants, physicians, correctional officers, etc.
  10. Implements an Individual Treatment Program in the Health Care Unit and, as necessary, in the housing units.
  11. Implements clinical and technical aspects of care in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  12. Intervenes with proper techniques, procedures and safety precautions utilizing aseptic technique and infection control to meet individual needs of patients.
  13. Implements medical plan through administering medications in accordance with physician’s orders.
  14. Intervenes by administering medications according to proper techniques and procedures, including IV therapy, and all other approved routes of administration.
  15. Utilizes pharmacology knowledge and available resources, to include drug reaction and overdose information in administering medications.
  16. Implements medical plans through obtaining diagnostic tests in accordance with physician’s orders.
  17. Intervenes by obtaining body fluid specimens and performing EKG’s using proper techniques and procedures.
  18. Communicates information to ancillary departments using established referral process.
  19. Implements treatment plans as ordered by the physician.
  20. Intervenes with proper techniques, procedures and available resources.
  21. Assists the physician or physician assistant in medical or minor surgical procedures as necessary and/or requested to meet individual needs of patients.
  22. Implements nutrition and therapeutic diet plan as ordered by physician or physician assistant.
  23. Intervenes with proper techniques and procedures and available resources of therapeutic diets and nutrition as established by the Facility.
  24. Utilizes knowledge and available resources of therapeutic diets and nutrition as established by the Facility.
  25. Documents’ nursing encounters utilizing the Problem Oriented Medial Records format of charting as required by the Facility.
  26. Communicates information to other nursing staff, Health Care Unit physicians, physician assistants, Health Care Unit supervisory personnel, and department correctional officers and departments.
  27. Respects dignity and confidentiality of patients.

The duties and responsibilities outlined herein are for payroll purposes only; employees may be assigned other duties as required.


Standard medical setting in a correctional facility, which included daily interfacing with inmates/patients, correctional staff, and health care personnel.  May be exposed to such occupational hazards as communicable diseases, radiation, chemotherapeutic agents, and disoriented or combative patients.


LICENSING: Current state RN license

CERTIFICATION: Current CPR certification

EDUCATION: Graduate from an accredited nursing school

PREFERRED EXPERIENCE: One (1) year experience preferred but not required





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