Certified Nursing Assistant

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Wexford Health

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POSITION: Certified Nursing Assistant PRN


FACILITY: Illinois River Correctional Center



Under the direct supervision of the designated Wexford Health manager and clinical supervision from the Director of Nursing, Registered Nurses, Medical Director and/or IDOC personnel as appropriate, the CNA will assist nursing staff with daily operations.


The Certified Nursing Assistant will assist nursing staff in direct patient care activities as assigned.

  1. Assists inmates with activities of daily living such as feeding, bathing, bed making, shaving, dressing and other related tasks.
  2. Assists in checking vital signs, height and weight as assigned; collects and maintains records of fluid intake and output; reports on the condition of inmates.
  3. Follows established inflection control practices and emergency protocols.
  4. Assists inmates in wheel chairs, on stretchers and ambulating.
  5. Promotes and encourages patient hydration and elimination.
  6. Assists inmates with ambulation, turning and repositioning, and range of motion activities.
  7. Cleanse bedside units, workrooms and equipment; assists nursing staff with washing and sterilizing equipment.
  8. Prepares and maintains written reports and records as assigned.
  9. Assists with medications ordinarily self-administered when specifically ordered by a physician.
  10. Responds to call lights promptly and courteously.
  11. Receives formal and on the job training in the theory and techniques of direct care support.
  12. Receives close supervision; work is reviewed through inspections and observations.
  13. Maintains confidentiality of inmate records.
  14. Approaches change in a positive manner.
  15. Makes suggestions for improving work conditions to the Medical Director.
  16. Accepts constructive criticism in stressful situations.
  17. Upon receiving the necessary training and/or instruction, perform other duties as required or assigned.
  18. Conforms to Wexford Health Sources, Inc., and facility regulations as appropriate, to include, but not be limited to:
  • Dress Code
  • Schedule/time sheet
  • Safety and security regulations
  • Procedure for sick leave/vacation time/education seminars

The duties and responsibilities outlined herein are for payroll purposes only; employees may be assigned other duties as required.


Standard medical setting in a correctional facility, which includes daily interfacing with inmates, correctional staff, and health care personnel.  Temperature extremes may be encountered while moving throughout the facility outdoors and indoors in buildings without air conditioning.

Job Requirements:


The following requirements list the minimum to qualify.  An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted.

TRAVEL: No travel required.

LICENSING: None required.

CERTIFICATION: Nursing Assistant certificate

EXPERIENCE: 0-2 years

EDUCATION: Completion of a certification program from an accredited Nursing Assistant program.





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