Mental Health Observer – As Needed

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An Observer serves as an assistant to mental health service providers and persons with mental health problems. The employee is expected to provide supervision levels and maintains programming and activity operations in accordance with established clinical and administrative requirements.

A. Ensures that suicide watch and observation protocols and program activities are carried out in accordance with applicable licensure, certification and accreditation standards.
B. Provides services and activities for clients in accordance with program requirements and individual treatment plans. Such services and activities may include: serve as primary suicide watch provider for assigned clients and participate in the development of observation and treatment plans.
C. Follows instructions for activities as planned.
D. Documents and reports all pertinent information related to the suicide status of the inmate patient.
E. Works with custody staff to ensure suicide blankets, mattresses, and smocks are utilized as directed in the suicide watch plan.
F. Encourages and monitors nutrition and hydration of the inmate patient including suicide packaged meals. Documents and reports intake.
G. Maintains and organizes suicide watch therapeutic activity supplies.
H. Monitors client behavior, and foster socially acceptable behavior patterns.
I. Provides recreation and socialization opportunities as directed and available.
J. Immediately notifies custody staff and/or approved clinical staff if there is a need to leave the observation post to ensure coverage as indicated in the suicide watch plan.
K. Provides documentation in accordance with policies and procedures.
L. Participates in mandatory as well as elective educational activities.
M. Attends staff meetings and follows all team/unit protocols.
N. Adheres to universal precautions and other appropriate infection control practices.
O. Adheres to safety and security policies, and participates in disaster drills.
P. Follows security regulations and policies, with consideration of clinical factors.
The duties and responsibilities outlined herein are for payroll purposes only; employees may be assigned other duties as required.


Licensing: None
Certification: CPR
Experience working in correctional behavioral health services strongly preferred.
High school graduate required. Prefer college-level course work in psychology, social work, vocational or activity-related area of study.


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