MH Medical Assistant

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The Medical Assistant is responsible for performing select non-complex medical interventions on the health care unit and housing units safely, accurately, and according to standard procedure. Medical Assistants work under the direct supervision  of a physician. and/or, depending on scope of practice, direct and indirect clinical guidance of a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse.




  1. Obtain and monitor vital signs of infirmary/medical unit patients.
  2. Transcribes and implements physician  orders
  3. Implement medical plan through  interventions in accordance with provider instructions and scope of practice.
  4. Assist nurses as needed in the medical unit within the scope of practice.
  5. Prepares treatment room for patients.
  6. Gathers and documents patient data
  7. Assists physicians and mid level providers with examinations
  8. Maintain inventory supplies
  9. Following policy and utilizing appropriate documents, flow sheets and forms, will document all health-related encounters for patients.
  10. Assist physician or nurse with minor procedures and treatments.
  11. Maintain and clean medical equipment on a daily basis as needed.
  12. Identify basic signs and symptoms of deviations from normal health status. Provide this information to the nurse and/or physician.
  13. Work in conjunction with nurses to maintain daily duties required to run the medical unit in an organized fashion.
  14. Collect basic subjective and objective date from observations and interviews. Provide this information to the nurse and/or physician.
  15. Obtain vital signs and perform initial screening on sick call clients consistent with scope of practice.
  16. Provide appropriate first aid and CPR. Report findings to the nurse and/or physician.
  17. Clean, package and sterilize instruments.
  18. Maintain needle, syringe and instrument inventory and record of receipt and issuance.
  19. Inventory and restock first aid kits, supply rooms, etc.
  20. Check expiration dates on medications and supplies.
  21. Provides patient teaching as instructed
  22. Performs clerical duties such as answering the phone, filing documents in patient record.

Job Requirements:

EDUCATION: High School Diploma or GED

CERTIFICATION: Certified Medical Assistant (AAMA) or Registered Medical Assistant (AMT)

  • Other Medical Assistant certification from vocational, technical school may be considered


  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • General math and analytical skills, and planning, administrative and organizational skills essential. 
  • Demonstrated experience maintaining multiple deadlines.  Must ensure documents are ready for review well in advance of any deadline.
  • Comply with the correctional facility’s policies and procedures
  • Ability to competently manage multiple priorities simultaneously.
  • Ability to work in a stressful environment
  • Must be able assist staff with various policies, administrative and organizational projects. “team-player” as this position requires daily coordination with other coworkers


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