Wexford of Indiana LLC is a member of the Wexford family of companies: a group of the nation's leading innovative correctional health care companies.  Wexford provides clients with experienced management; technologically advanced services; and programs that control costs while ensuring quality of care. For more than two decades, the Wexford companies have consistently delivered proven staffing expertise and a full range of medical, behavioral health, pharmacy, utilization management, provider contracting, claims processing, and quality management services.

At Wexford of Indiana LLC, our philosophy is that health care should not be considered a luxury for anyone. We simply care for those in need and the corrections environment is our venue. This posting is for a Part-time Dentist one 8-hour day every other week at the South Bend Community Re-Entry Facility in South Bend, IN.


  1. Provides overall supervision of the dental department.
  2. Provides preventative and restorative treatment to all inmates following INDC policies and guidance.
  3. Performs and interprets radiographic examinations as indicated.
  4. Performs operative dentistry including appropriate repair of caries, extractions, root canals, etc.
  5. Repairs/fits proper prosthetic devices.
  6. Supervise staff in:  cleaning of teeth, making impressions for prosthetic devices, planning and maintaining an oral hygiene program, completing appropriate records accurately and all procedures associated with the provision of dental care.
  7. Arrange proper referral for procedures that cannot be performed on-site at facility following INDC and the site’s guidance for referral.
  8. Provides supervision of staff in instruction of offenders in preventative practices for maintaining proper oral hygiene.
  9. Submit monthly report of Dental Department activities.
  10. Participate in staff development programs.
  11. Develop and update departmental policies and procedures.
  12. Supervise and evaluate all assigned dental staff.
  13. Forward all outside referrals of offenders following the site’s procedures to ensure the review of the referral through the Utilization Management process and be prepared to discuss the necessity of the referral in the UM process.
  14. Serves as clinical authority on all matters related to the delivery of dental services, and provides direction, guidance, and oversight to the dental staff and programs. 
  15. Determines the timeframes for non-emergent and elective treatments according to priority and availability. 
  16. Determines the appropriateness of non-routine treatment and ensure that such treatment will not interfere with the provision of greater priority services.
  17. Examines patients and documents findings in INDC’s EMR utilizing the standard forms within the EMR, utilizing applicable dental classification systems (i.e., APHA).
  18. Provides or arranges for appropriate preventative restorative dental care as needed within the administrative guidelines to all inmates.
  19. Provides or arranges for appropriate care for emergency patients as soon as possible.
  20. Ensures continuity of care.
  21. Supplies data for clinic reports as requested.
  22. Keeps dental licenses up-to-date, and ensure current copy is on file in the Health Care Unit.
  23. Must be CPR certified and skilled in recognizing the symptoms of shock and fainting, and must be prepared to provide necessary aid as directed during emergency procedures.
  24. Responsible for dental office security to include instrument, medicine and needle counts.
  25. Responsible to ensure appropriate and quality orientation for all newly hired dental staff.
  26. Notifies the Wexford Staffing Department of vacant or upcoming vacant positions in a timely manner and actively assists the Staffing Department in the filling of vacant positions.
  27. Is familiar with overtime and commodities budgets and works with and coordinates with Wexford administration to perform cost-effective care.
  28. Notifies Health Services Administrator and Regional Manager of staffing vacancies related to the schedule.
  29. Coordinates with and obtains approval of Wexford site administration prior to exceeding staffing hours.
  30. Strives to ensure 100% compliance of staffing hours.
  31. Complies with and enforces INDC/Wexford /Facility Policy and procedures and ensures subordinate compliance.
  32. Member of the Quality Assurance Committee.
  33. Makes suggestions for improving work conditions to the Medical Director, Health Services Administrator and Regional Manager.

The duties and responsibilities outlined herein are for payroll purposes only; employees may be assigned other duties as required.


Licensed as a Dentist in Indiana


Current CPR certification


Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM) degree

Preferred experience

Minimum 1 year practicing dentistry.  Skilled in recognizing the symptoms of shock and fainting; must be prepared to provide necessary aid as directed during procedures.  Correctional Experience Preferred.  Supervisory Experience preferred.  Prior experience with use of electronic medical record system.